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The only platform that allows you to Sell, Create and Modify any Add-on product you want to sell

What is ATUMIZE?

ATUMIZE is a platform designed to generate additional fee income by giving Insurance Agencies, Carriers and MGA's the ability to sell or create Add-on Products.

You sell the add-on, collect your revenue share and ATUMIZE manages all the claims.


  • Pick from a list of Prebuilt Add-on's to start selling immediately.
  • Multiple options on revenue is splits .
  • Don't see a Add-on in our Add-ons worries, simply complete this form and in as little as one week we can build the add-on and have you selling it.
  • Multiple options on how revenue is split .

Who uses ATUMIZE?

Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies utilize the platform using the online User Interface

Insurance carriers / MGA's

Carriers and MGA's have two options to implement the  the platform into their systems 1. FTP 2.API

Tag and registration Agencies

While renewing vehicle tags or registering a new vehicle, you have the ability to sell Add-on Products that greatly increase your bottom line

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Prebuilt Add-on examples


Insured in an accident and need a ride?   

Pet Insurance

Need to Insure your Pet? Low premiums

Tire Hazard

Tire Replacement for Road Hazards


Medical Assistance over the telephone/text


Insured in need of roadside assistance?

Repair Assist

Get phone assistance for auto repair issues

Deductible Helper

In an accident and need help with the deductible?

Dent Repair

Fix dings with Paintless Dent Repair

Windshield Repair

Chipped windshield get if fixed fast and easy

Insureds Experience

Rideshare Example


Insured in accident...needs ride from scene


Opens ATUMIZE app, requests rideshare benefit...Answers questions pertaining to incident


Insured immediately sent preloaded digital credit card for use with any Rideshare Company

simple and easy.

See How Easily You Can Start Generating more REVENUE with Add-on Fees